About Medallion Home Inspection

Why choose Medallion?

With over 3600 home inspections performed, 12 years of inspection experience and over 30 years in the building industry, and 40 combined years in the building industry, Medallion provides you with a comprehensive report based on experience. We are committed to understanding best practices in all phases of construction from footers, foundations and storm water management through structure, mechanicals and the entire building envelope.

Professionals refer their clients to Medallion Home Inspections because their inspection reports are known for being:

Comprehensive – you’ll understand the scope of inspection, site details, and a glossary of terms.

“Rob’s report was thorough and well done. I would highly recommend Medallion for your home inspection.” —Jeff B.

Meticulous – every element of this structure will be inspected. From the roof, attic and insulation, to the exterior, interior, appliances, bathrooms, heating/air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing. No area is overlooked.

“Rob was extremely professional and thorough. The report contained great detail and helped us in the process of buying our new home. Not only was the job well done, but he was very easy to work with and personable. Thank you!” —Ron

Complete – Safety and defective issues are alerted with top priority in your full report summary including illustrations and photographs. An action plan moving forward is discussed in the review.

“Rob took the time to explain all problem areas and how to fix each. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and overall was a huge help” —Jarred & Rachel N.

We are certified by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute and accredited by The Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.